With PEEMBECK for a successful business start-up – with our music school franchise you become part of a strong, international network.


  • Over 30 years experience in the music school business
  • A unique music school system with certified teacher training
  • Our own training center
  • Teaching concepts based on experience and the latest findings in musicology, psychology, pedagogy and neuroscience
  • Own publishing house for teaching and learning books


The own music school is a great opportunity and a great challenge. We are happy to send you our comprehensive information package.


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“I’ve known Modern Music School for a long time because I used to take drum lessons there myself. So I knew how well the teaching concept was. However, when I founded the company, I never thought that it would grow so fast. I am now represented as a franchise partner with MMS at four locations. That means a lot of work but also a lot of fun.”

Stephan Zender, Franchise Partner Modern Music School Trier, Hermeskeil, Kasel, Koblenz

“I still teach at my Modern Music School. As a MMS franchise partner, I can combine my passion for music with a challenging and diverse job. This is only possible due to the excellent division of labour with the head office and the dedicated commitment of the employees.”

Peter Braun, Franchise Partner Modern Music School Dachau & Fürstenfeldbruck

“With the Peembeck GmbH franchise model, I feel that I’m in good hands. As a franchisee, you’re always up to date and informed. You can offer an incredibly good quality and that pays off. Besides, I can still learn something new here and at the same time pass a lot on to the students and the parents. That’s exactly the right mixture for me.”

Marc Hallbauer, Franchise Partner Modern Music School Speyer, Landau

“Through the Peembeck system I got the chance to live from and with music. Thanks to the excellent training opportunities, I was able to discover and use potentials that I didn’t even know of.”

Daniel Agema, Franchise partner Modern Music School and VibrA School of DJing Mainz