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Kling Klong Franchise is our franchise system for early musical education. Kling Klong Franchise offers the opportunity to set up your own business with the name of an established brand, a tested teaching concept and the support of the specialists at our franchise headquarters. The franchise offer is particularly suitable for people with a pedagogical education who want a diverse job and want to take the step into self-employment without being on their own. In the following, we present the Kling Klong teaching system and our services as a franchisor and you will find out what requirements our franchisees should meet.

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Kling Klong is early musical education at a high educational level.
The Kling Klong program has been specifically developed for children aged between one and a half and six years. The children develop their innate inclination to music with the help of the concept and the love and joy of making music is encouraged in a playful way.
The Kling Klong concept is based on the pedagogical approaches of Maria Montessori, Reggio pedagogy and A. S. Neills. In addition, over two decades of practical experience in early musical education and current findings from developmental psychology, pedagogy and neurology are incorporated into the teaching concept which is always kept up to date.

The focus of early musical education according to the Kling Klong concept is on the use of child-oriented pedagogy that appeals to all the senses. We work exclusively with rhythm instruments such as drums, rattles and claves. The younger children, aged between one and a half and three years, play, sing, dance, experiment with the instruments and discover sounds and rhythms. The older children from the age of three are offered an even wider range of musical activities and games. Painting after music, acoustic and visual games, song accompaniment with percussion instruments, listening and reacting to music – our diverse program encourages the children without overwhelming them.

We thus offer a concept that inspires children and parents alike and makes it easier for Kling Klong course instructors to attract new interested people.


As franchisors we support our franchise partners with material and immaterial services, with teaching material, flyers and brochures as well as our professional competence in consulting in all business matters and with more than 20 years of experience in the field of early musical education. Our franchise package can secure decisive competitive advantages for our franchisees. With professional (marketing) tools, expert knowledge, the international reputation of the Kling Klong brand, a tried and tested concept and a strong network right from the start, we make it easier for franchisees to start their own businesses and offer important components for long-term success.
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At Kling Klong, our franchisees work closely with young children and their parents. This requires a high level of social competence and empathy. Strong communication skills are another important prerequisite for our Kling Klong franchise partners. Especially the parents of small children understandably want to know exactly who they are entrusting their children to and always want to be informed about the current status of early musical education. This requires transparent work and an active exchange of information. Because Kling Klong focuses on educational work, our franchise partners do not have to master an instrument themselves to set up a Kling Klong location. Pedagogical skills are important. Of course, a certain amount of fun with music is part of it.

Here is an overview of our most important requirements for our franchise partners:

  • Competence in pedagogy and interest in topics such as developmental psychology
  • Communication and social competence
  • Joy of movement and creative work
  • Interest in business and commercial topics: Even with a location for early musical education, you are an entrepreneur
  • The willingness to take risks which is part of the step into self-employment
  • Goal-oriented and organized work
  • The willingness to get involved in our established concept
  • Ability to work in a team
  • The joy of music and making music


We prefer to answer your questions in detail and individually in a personal conversation. We have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about Kling Klong and franchising in general in our Kling Klong Franchise FAQ.


Your start into self-employment


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