A successful franchise partnership can only exist if each partner uses its strengths in the best possible way. This is why our franchise services are not limited to our franchisees being able to use the Modern Music School brand exclusively and profit from the company’s international reputation and market position. From the business plan to the annual franchise congress – you will find an overview of our most important services as a franchisor below.

Your start into self-employment

Individual advice for business start-ups & personal support from our head office

Communication and transparency are among the basis of a long-term fruitful business relationship. We support our franchise partners in the decision-making and planning phase as well as after the opening of their own music school. From the suitable search for a location to a successful business plan, our franchisees benefit from our many years of experience and can contact PEEMBECK headquarters with questions and ideas at any time. For each sector we have a contact person who supports our franchise partners specifically in their field of expertise.
In addition, our head office regularly keeps our franchise partners up to date on new developments with our newsletter.

We offer our franchise partners an unmistakable, holistic concept that makes it easy to attract and retain students as customers. Everything is dynamic. We always adapt all areas to the current requirements of the market and especially to the needs of our students.

  • A unique, complete and up-to-date teaching and learning concept
    We regularly develop our proven concept further with experts from music, psychology and pedagogy. This means that our franchisees always have access to up-to-date teaching and learning concepts that are well-founded in terms of their subject matter and ensure effective, high-quality instruction.
  • Teaching and learning material tailored to our concept
    For the effective implementation of the concept of the Modern Music School, we release specifically developed teaching and learning material.
    In addition, we publish the 7 Things book series which, like the Hans-Peter Becker Education Blog, highlights the Modern Music School’s expert status in the field of music and education and thus offers a further quality advantage.
  • Our own online shop
    Via our online shop www.beam-shop.com, our franchise partners can comfortably cover all orders for their entire school supplies at the best possible conditions. Parents, music trainers and third parties can also buy our books, learning materials and merchandising articles in our online shop at prices and offers adapted to their needs.
  • High-quality school equipment at best payment conditions
    For us, high quality and new equipment is the key to successful music lessons. We offer our franchisees these at the best possible payment conditions
  • A clear, tailor-made management system
    Our ERP and CRM system, developed specifically for our music school administration, enables every franchisee to manage their customers, students, course instructors and room planning quickly and easily – online, from anywhere in the world – whether it is about finding appointments, creating customer letters or processing open items or invoices. In addition to these basic functions, the ERP and CRM system offers many other features such as statistics, evaluations, automatic notifications and comment functions.
  • Professional marketing
    Our marketing experts ensure that all measures unfold an effect on your audience, offline and online. With our marketing mix tools, we provide our franchise partners a complete toolbox for the success of their locations. Our marketing department is always available and continuously adapts the 4Ps to current requirements and the market situation.
    • Customer Relationship Management
      Contact with our students and their parents is one of the most important elements of marketing for us. Trust in our brand, our concept and our teachers must be continuously built and nurtured. This increases customer loyalty and provides many direct recommendations. We offer a wide range of concepts for this purpose.
    • Pricing
      Our pricing system was developed by Simon-Kucher & Partners (Strategy & Marketing Consultants), one of the most prestigious management consulting companies in the field of pricing. It offers a sophisticated pricing system for our various offers.
    • Offline
      For each event and for each action we have professional print templates which are adapted to the individual locations. Concepts for promotional campaigns include the advertising events of our franchise partners such as open days, school motto concerts, parents’ evenings and star workshops. From flyers and banners to our own music magazine, Modern Music Mag, we create a complete brand world.
    • Online
      News and facts are currently included on the Modern Music School website and communicated on the well-known social media portals.
      In addition, each franchise partner receives its own website adapted to its location. Individual news, information about the trainers, contact details and links to their Facebook page, Twitter, etc. are entered here. Interested parties and existing students can easily inform themselves about the individual locations online and contact them directly.
  • Intensive music trainer training
    Our music trainers are not only excellent musicians. It is equally important that they are able to teach their students their favorite instrument effectively, with fun and in a motivating way. Therefore, all music teachers of a Modern Music School receive an education in Music and Education on Bachelor level in our training center in Aschaffenburg before they teach. The training is free of charge for our franchise partners and the trainee coaches. Only travel and accommodation costs must be paid by the students themselves.
    By the way: The music trainers of the Modern Music School work as freelancers for our franchisees.
  • Trainings, seminars and congresses for our franchise partners and music trainers
    Franchisees of a Modern Music School can and should continuously develop and qualify themselves and their company. That is why we offer regular training courses and seminars for further education in addition to the trainer training. Every year we also hold our Franchise Congress where we present innovations and exchange experiences. The gathering of all active members of our franchise system strengthens our community and gives our work new motivating impulses.
  • Close contact to the music scene
    Modern Music School Franchise has a large network in the music scene. Our franchisees also benefit from this because they can offer their students more than just music lessons. Students can get in touch with the big ones, for example through our Star Connection.
  • A clear franchise fee system
    Once a Modern Music School location has been opened, the franchisee pays a monthly franchise fee for our services which is calculated as a percentage of the sales. There is no additional advertising charge. The monthly franchise costs remain easily calculable and do not stand in the way of the economic success of the company.

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