Our Kling Klong franchise services can initially be divided into two areas. We offer our franchisees particularly intensive support and advice in the start-up phase and also support the running company.

Your start into self-employment

You will find the most important points from our franchise package below:

  • Because our special concept forms the base of Kling Klong’s success, our training program for new Kling Klong instructors does not only refer to the knowledge necessary for the economic success of the Kling Klong location. In addition, our trainers learn everything about the Kling Klong concept, our philosophy and the effective implementation of the teaching concept.
  • We also offer regular qualification measures for our franchisees and their employees after completion of the initial training program. With this, our franchisees ensure the long-term quality advantage of their services.
  • We advise our franchisees during the development phase of their Kling Klong location on the basis of our years of experience and work with them to establish a profound business plan with all the necessary data and facts.
  • Our Kling Klong trainers use our ERP and CRM system for customer, prospective customer and employee management.
  • Our pricing system was specifically tailored for us by the management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners.
  • We integrate the Kling-Klong locations of our franchisees into our internet presence. Each location receives its own website where the course instructors of the location can be introduced and the contact details of the location can be found. This enables interested parties to contact our franchisees directly without having to go through our head office.
  • Our marketing department regularly prepares advertising material such as flyers for special campaigns or image brochures which we make available to our franchisees at no additional cost. In addition, we offer concepts for events and campaigns that our franchisees can implement at their location.
  • Kling Klong franchisees receive the Kling Klong equipment and course material at the best possible conditions. In our own online shop at, not only the course instructors but also the parents of the students can order teaching and learning materials, merchandising articles and our books very conveniently.
  • The Kling Klong philosophy has already been recorded in book form. With ‘What parents should know about their child’s development’ and ‘7 things you should know before you start with early musical education’, we have published two guides for parents and all people interested in pedagogy who focus on child development and age-appropriate musicality. There is also our Hans-Peter Becker Education Blog which deals with pedagogy, development and psychology related to musicality. This contributes to the positive external perception of the Kling Klong brand and testifies to our expert status in early musical education.
  • With Kling Klong, we also offer franchisees the opportunity to set up a successful business abroad. A concept for early musical education like ours is popular in many countries, as it is unique in its own way and at the same time fits into different cultures. Kling Klong is now represented in Greece, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Kling Klong Franchise is a brand of PEEMBECK GmbH. Two further independent franchise models belong to PEEMBECK: Modern Music School Franchise for our music schools for rock and pop and VibrA Franchise as a franchise system for our schools for DJing and Producing. The three brands can be combined by our franchisees. This gives you the unique opportunity to not only grow your business through additional locations but also to expand it and reach a larger target group.

To sum up: Kling Klong franchise partners receive a tried and tested teaching concept, professional marketing, a wide range of qualifications and competent advice from a single source. With this, prospective customers can be won quickly from the time the company is founded and students can be retained for the long term. This means an enormous advantage for anyone who dares to take the step into self-employment and our course instructors can concentrate on the essentials: working with the children and their parents.

Your start into self-employment

Kling Klong Franchise